Can You Borrow Up To $50k? Read This FTC.gov Information Regarding Personal & Title Loans Before Anything!

Representative Cost of Loan – Payday loans range in size from $100 to $1,000, depending on state legal maximums. The average loan term is about two weeks. Loans typically cost 400% annual interest (APR) or more. *varied by state. The finance charge ranges from $15 to $30 to borrow $100.

Certainly, it’s possible to get these funds – And you’ve got to be cautious – Make sure you’re educated about these types of loans before agreeing to any lender’s terms.

We encourage everybody who’s looking for Payday Loan information & Title Loan information to first, and foremost, check these official FTC articles:


& Title Loans, Here:



Please remember that these are not long term, financial solutions. This isn’t a solution for the greater future – You should always rely on solid financial planning before taking out a loan of this nature.



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Get Quick Cash through Payday Loans

Get Quick Cash through Payday Loans

Payday Loans Online

Payday loans online are good for quick and easy borrowing of cash during emergencies. They are short-term loans that you can borrow at a small amount with an interest. These loans are primarily short-term; required to be paid back on your next payday, unless you request for an extension. These loans are also called check advance loans or cash advance loans.


Issued by legal payday lenders, loans can range from $50-1,000. They also come with additional fees of around $15 for every loan amount of $100. Moneylenders typically ask that you provide your proof of income and some personal identification when you apply. As a borrower, you’ll write a post-dated personal check in the amount you wish to borrow, and a fee in exchange for cash. Your lender will keep the check and cash it out on the agreed date which is usually your next payday.


Rather than considering your credit score as a borrower, the lender decides the loanable amount depending on your local state regulations and the size of your paycheck. When the loan is approved, your lender will make an electronic deposit to your savings or checking account. For extensions, additional interest will be charged. Unfortunately, many people ask for it. Based on a study done by the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), 80% of payday loans are rolled over within thirty days of the prior loan.


Be careful about giving out your personal information. Regardless if those payday loans online result in a loan, providing your information online may be risky. People who get your information may use your credits to buy goods and services. They can also use your information for identity theft. And even if you never clicked on the “Submit” button to complete the transaction, or if the transaction failed, your information can still be captured over keystroke logging – a program used to collect everything you’ve entered on a website or application.

Some companies offer payday loans or cash advances as a benefit to their employees. If you don’t have that benefit, make sure to only use credible payday loans online; those that have been used by your family and friends with no issues.

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Title Loans – What To Expect

The very first day you make your decision to get a car title loan, you should be cognizant of what you’re actually getting into. Without a doubt it will feel good in the initial stage to get a loan very fast but you should know what is tied up in that loan. Now a title loan is a loan that is given to an individual from an institution after handing over the original copy of the their car title. The care title stands as collateral for the loan. All these are in the agreement before you accept so try to read it thoroughly.

Should you get a title loan?

When thinking about a title loan, you should ensure that it suits your needs, if it’s a one time personal finance matter that you want to sort out, then that would be a good reason to use a title loan. At the end of the day, the ultimate decision is yours, if you want to acquire a title loan or not to help with some issues. If you’re seriously thinking about getting a loan, just make sure that you have a backup plan in place for when you are repaying your loan and also ensure that you never miss a payment and try to do it on time.

Things to remember before getting one

Don’t let the quick loan idea fool you, as you’ll still need to repay the loan at the end of the day so you should never forget that as well as the interest that you’ll have pay. If you use your title, the company might check to ensure that you have no outstanding balance on your vehicle, or else it might prove that you are not eligible for the loan at the time. A lot of loan companies come with some unbelievable offers as well and they tend to make changes to the terms after giving you the loan with or without notice.

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Things To Avoid With Personal Loans

The moment you get in some financial trouble or difficulty, you try to see how best you can get your hands on a loan to overcome your struggles. Without a doubt a personal loan might be your best bet, since you can get one even with a bad credit score, there’s no need to worry. A personal loan is very useful and can help you climb out of your financial mess. Personal loans are quite convenient and can be for as little as $500 if you so desire, your lender should provide information on how much they’re willing to lend.

Things to avoid when taking a personal loan

There are a few things that you might want to stay away from so that you can continue to repay your loan without headaches. Always ensure that you do enough research on the best loan institutions and banks around town before borrowing a loan. In other words, look for the best interest rates and fixed-rate agreement before you make another move. This way you can be sure to take advantage of the best repayment methods and options on the market. Before you sign the lines on the agreement for the loan, ensure that everything is transparent to you and that there are no hidden fees as well so that you are not slapped with any unexpected events along the way.


A loan can be a good thing if you know exactly what you are doing, however on the other side of the spectrum, it can ruin your life, if you are not aware of the guidelines in the contract that you have signed and also the best interest rates on the market. Once you take advantage of this, you’ll finish paying off your loan in no time and ready to take another if you desire. Another important thing that should be highlighted is the amount you want to borrow the more money you borrow for a loan, the more you’ll have to repay.

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What Are Title Loans?

Title Loans

When you’re sinking financially and need a loan fast, you’re best bet is a title loan. This is mainly because it’s a same-day secured loan that you acquire with your car title. Once you have your car title in hand you can take it to an office or agent that you can trust and have your loan processed in minutes. So if you’re ever in a tight spot, this could be your way out as quickly as possible and you don’t need a lot of information, you’re car title is good enough to do the trick.

Things you should note before taking a title loan

Before you take a title loan you should get adequate information about the lending institution or bank and what they are offering in terms of interest rates for instance. If you don’t have good credit, you can still get a title loan because your car will be used as collateral. Another great thing about title loans is that you can get a good amount of money that you couldn’t get with a personal loan for example, but that can also be a bad thing as the more you borrow the more you’ll have to repay, therefore it’s important to think about that. Though your car title is used as collateral, you can even get a loan with a car that isn’t paid off in full as yet.


With all the ease surrounded with a title loan and how simple it is to obtain, you will definitely need to do some critical thinking about the reasons for taking one out and how you will go about repaying for it. Once you have this in mind, then you should be all set to get some money fast when you are really low on cash. Another important thing is to keep the interest rates in mind when borrowing a title loan as there are a lot of institutions who offer rates that are far too high.

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How To Use Personal Loans

Personal Loans

We must admit that sometimes life will throw some unexpected situations at us that we can’t seem to solve with just our day job that’s already difficult to survive with. As a result of this, we might be in need of some financial assistance to get back on solid grounds and snap back to reality. This is where a personal loan would fit in and save you from losing your car for instance. These type of loans are not complicated at all and as the name suggests, it’s a loan you can use for any personal financial need such as a medical bill, utility expenses or even to refurbish your home and you do not need any special criteria to acquire one either since anyone can take out a personal loan.

Where do I get one and how much?

So you might be wondering “where can I get a personal loan to help solve some of your financial unhappiness?” well a bank or any other lending institution that would be willing to give you a loan, which they usually have no problem in doing. You can also choose between an unsecured personal loan which requires no collateral or a secured one. Institutions usually lend a minimum of $500 and around $45000 at most for personal loans but it various so be sure to do your research before going with the first loan officer that you come across.

Documents that you should consider

Borrowing a personal loan is a procedure and you’ll need to travel with some documents in order for it to be processed. Usually most lending institutions and banks require that you have a valid SSN, current income statement, your employer’s name and phone number, address and phone number, previous address, personal debts and your date of birth. These are usually the information that is requested but it’s not limited to this list.

Be knowledgeable before taking a personal loan

Before you take-off to get one though, it’s important to understand certain elements about personal loans. First and foremost, a bank might not be the best place to acquire a personal loan, so you might want to shop around and figure out which institution has the best interest rates as well as repayment period and any other criteria that you can take advantage of, as these are critical especially if you plan to borrow a good amount of money. The bottom line is that personal loans can be good for canceling out some of your expenses but you need to check for hidden fees and also the best rates on the market.

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What Is An Installment Loan?

Installment loan is very common within the U.S and other countries. It is viewed as a type of loan that its repayments are under installments or regularly scheduled payments. Each of the payment on an installment debt constitutes repayment of a part of the principal amount that was borrowed as well as the interest payment on the debt. The amount of each payment paid regularly is determined by the variables such as the loan amount, the rate of interest charged to the borrower and the term of the loan. Some of the common examples of installments loans are personal loans, mortgage loans or auto loans. Almost all installment loans have fixed rates meaning that the rate of interest charged over the term of the loan is fixed at the borrowing time. A mortgage loan is an exception since it is variable-rate loans because of the rate of interest changes during the loan term. These types of loans can, therefore, be either collateralized or non-collateralized. The collateral of a mortgage loan is the house in which it is being used to purchase. On the other hand, the collateral for an auto loan is the vehicle that is being purchased with the loan. The rates charged under-collateralized loans are lower than the rates charged under non-collateralized ones.

The process involved in installment loan.

An application is to be filed by the borrower with the lender of the loan by specifying the purpose of the loan. A discussion on various issues is to be done between the two regarding the term of the loan, down payment, schedule of payments and the amounts to be paid. Other fees are therefore to be paid by the borrowers in addition to the rates if interest such as the application fees and loan origination fees as well as other potential extra charges like late payment fees. The borrowers can usually escape other interest charges by making payment of the loan before the end of the term defined in the loan agreement.

Advantages of installment loans

They are flexible and therefore can be provided based on the needs of the borrower.

They are obtained at considerably lower interest rates.


There can be fixed interest loan that can be paid by the borrower for longer terms at higher interest rate than the rate that is prevailing in the market.

All in all, there is a long-term financial obligation the borrower can be locked into hence the borrower can be rendered incapable of meeting the payments that are scheduled. It can, therefore, lead to a risk of default and a possibility that the collateral used to secure the loan can be forfeited.

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